Bradley Public Library offers free Notary Public services. Please call ahead because notary Public services may not be available at all times the Library is open and is subject to notary availability. Illinois law requires that a Notary and the patron seeking notarization be able to communicate directly with each other.  The Library Notary is not permitted to use a translator to communicate with a Notary Service patron.

What to Bring

  • Your completed, unsigned document(s) to be notarized
  • A valid, unexpired state ID, federal ID, or other government ID with signature and photo
  • If witnesses are required in addition to a Notary, please provide your own witnesses. The Library is unable to supply witnesses for you. Witnesses will also need a valid, unexpired government photo ID.

We cannot notarize

  • Documents already signed (signatures must be witnessed by the Notary Public)
  • Documents that are not in English
  • Documents with blank spaces other than the space for signature
  • USCIS Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Real estate documents pertaining to Cook County
  • Due to Illinois notarial law, we are unable to certify copies


Bradley Public Library provides free proctoring services upon request for both written and online exams. Proctoring must be scheduled in advance with the Information Services Department, and the person taking the test must provide the library with a contact phone number.

Online testing may be done via a library computer or the student’s personal laptop. The library is not able to download software onto library computers for tests.  The student must make arrangements with the school to have written tests sent to the library and is responsible for confirming that the test is sent to the library for the proctor appointment.  The student is responsible for any printing, postage, and/or fax fees associated with the test.  Exams will be mailed or faxed back to the school within 24 hours. The library is not responsible for US mail service delays and does not provide a receipt of mailing.

In all cases, the staff person proctoring an exam will verify identification of the student and exams will be conducted within immediate sight of the Information desk, but the proctoring staff person may also assist other library users and will not sit with the student and “watch” them. If a school requires a proctor to sit with the student while they take the test, the library will be unable to proctor that exam. Students should be mindful that the library is a public building and a quiet, distraction-free environment is not guaranteed.